I haven’t been to a small con in so long and I forgot how different they can be than larger ones. But I’m still having a good time #saikoucon
On our way to saikoucon!! We’re not a cohesive group but were still sugoi ✨ #saikoucon #gothiclolita #zorro #mako

Oops, I forgot a detail. Fixed it!
This is one of those tiny little sketchbooks.

So uh who’s gonna be at saikoucon today? I’m going to be in lolita today and jinx tomorrow


I love Usagi uselessly attempting to hide behind Luna. I would not be adverse to Usagi trying repeatedly (and equally uselessly) to hide behind Luna.
It’s really easy to miss, but I also love this:

I feel certain that Luna is probably supposed to look distressed, but instead she just looks SO HAPPY.
"Yay! I’m getting picked up for snuggles! It’s snuggletiNO THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANTED AT ALL WHY"